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VLAD dans le Top Entreprises de la Nouvelle République

L’entreprise Vlad, basée à Parçay-Meslay, est devenue un acteur incontournable dans l’assemblage et la vente de piles et de batteries à usages médical et industriel...

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Video : discover VLAD in 2 minutes !

Discover in this video an overview of the different trades of Vlad, specialist in medical and industrial batteries....

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Arab Health Dubai 2017

VLAD will participate from January 30 to February 2, 2017 at the Arab Health in DUBAI show....

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S2E2 Conference on energy storage

Come and meet us on the occasion of the 3th Edition of the "Innovations in the West" on the theme of energy storage...

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The importance of the impedance for the design of batteries

Too often overlooked the internal impedance of the battery remains a critical design parameter to the end of life... Promised, in this article, we will not go into the details of chemistry and modelling that allow to explain however the behavior of the accumulators....

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