Distribution logistics, design know-how

Since 1985, VLAD has developed its know-how in the field of autonomous energy and promoted continuous improvement to become the reference energy for its customers.

Distribution of cells and batteries

VLAD has selected the biggest brands of batteries, accumulators and Chargers for their reliability, their reliability and their regularity in the quality. Imbued with our sustainable development approach, we favour the French and European actors who correspond to our qualification criteria, such as SAFT or VARTA For rechargeable batteries and batteries.

Our catalogue, rich of more than 2500 referencesensure you'll find the quality product you are looking for.

You will also find brands from such as YUASA, PANASONIC, EXIDE industrial battery..., as well as the biggest names of the medical industry as GE HEALTHCARE, PHILIPS, ZOLL

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Assembly of generic batteries

Forts of 30 years of experience in the Assembly of batteries all technology (Lithium-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh), we propose to original batteries quality alternatives. Our ability to control quality and deadlines as well as to propose attractive prices make our range of generic batteries of first-rate alternative manufacturers batteries.

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Design of batteries on demand

VLAD is designer of batteries in small and medium series for the industry, in areas as diverse as mobility, solar, tooling, telecoms, metrology... The company invests particularly strongly in the design and Assembly of Lithium-Ion batteries that are more and more present in the industry.

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Your current batteries hold more charge?

We change the present batteries inside blocks by elements of high-quality, We recycle rechargeable batteries and we refer the tested batteries with a range equal to or greater to the original.

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