VLAD in the Fabuleuse FrenchFab on BFMBusiness show

VLAD in the Fabuleuse FrenchFab on BFMBusiness show

From 21th to 25th May 2018, Jean-Louis Jarry, the VLAD’s President was interviewed during the « Fabuleuse French Fab » broadcast on BFM Business presented by Stéphane Soumier. Each week, the daily broadcast spotlights a french industrial who actively participates to the « French Fab » movement.


The territory


The world

What is the French Fab?

Symbolized by its brave cock, it provides a real identity for the french industry how-know which from now mutualizes its strenghts. Built on the pillars of French Touch and French Tech, the French Fab promote made in France to international. Supported by the BPI France, quickly VLAD has integrated this movement. In fact, the company products and puts together high quality batteries packs for healthcare and industry in its factory of Parçay-Meslay – Centre Val de Loire (37).

Growth and innovation: the doors industry 4.0.

Historically attached to its territory, VLAD created more than 10 jobs in 2017 and still recruits. Backed by this strong development, its vision is to integrate the ambitious concept of 4.0. industry and to continue to mobilized Teams.