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VLAD is a recognized specialist in cells and batteries for the medical sector and the industrial world.
With this technical know-how and our product expertise, we provide our customers with our own range of alkaline, lithium and lead batteries as well as high quality battery packs assembled in our factory in France.

Exalium Premium

Exalium Premium batteries are original or compatible batteries manufactured in our ISO 13485, 9001 & 14001 factory in Indre-et-Loire (37) with the highest quality standards. Our qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer equivalent or superior quality to the manufacturer brands thanks to exclusive assemblies with the best cells on the market, known for their performance. "We want to offer our customers not only the original manufacturers' batteries, but also a wide range of associated services, without forgetting compatible batteries under our manufacturer brand EXALIUM Premium," says Jean-Louis JARRY, President of VLAD.

Assemblage de batteries Exalium Premium
Interchangeables avec les batteries originales. L’ensemble de notre processus de fabrication est certifié ISO 13485
Interchangeable batteries with original batteries. Our entire manufacturing process is ISO 13485 certified
Une démarche environnementale affirmée (consommation, recyclage) validée par la certification ISO 14001
An assertive environmental approach (consumption, recycling) validated by ISO 14001 certification
Un assemblage des batteries 100% en France dans notre usine ISO 9001 de Parçay-Meslay (37)
100% battery assembly in France in our ISO 9001 factory in Parçay-Meslay (Loire Valley)
L’assurance d’une qualité équivalente ou supérieure aux marques constructeurs, grâce à une sélection des meilleurs accumulateurs et piles sur le marché
The assurance of a quality equivalent or superior to the manufacturer brands, thanks to a selection of the best accumulators and batteries on the market (Panasonic, Saft, FDK (Sanyo), Sony, Yuasa, Duracell, Varta, Samsung, GP, Tadiran, LG...)


VLAD product managers have selected, audited and approved factories to manufacture lead cells and batteries, which manufacture products with technical characteristics equivalent or superior to the major brands on the market. Thanks to the control of its supply chain and regular checks of the production chains, VLAD offers quality products at an attractive price (no marketing costs, elimination of distribution intermediaries and purchasing power thanks to the volumes generated).

Fabrication de piles alcalines et batteries plomb
Des produits de qualité équivalente ou supérieure aux plus grandes marques
Products of equivalent or higher quality to the biggest brands
Une chaîne d’approvisionnement maîtrisée et auditée
A controlled and audited supply chain
Fabrication dans des usines certifiées ISO 9001 et 14001
Manufacturing in factories certified ISO 9001 and 14001
La garantie d’un produit haut de gamme au meilleur prix
The guarantee of a high-end product at the best price

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