ExaFactory: start of construction!

ExaFactory: start of construction!

Ahead of Factory 4.0  

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the construction of our ExaFactory : let's go for a year and 4200m² of construction on 11400m² of land!  

A connected and intelligent building 

With this plant, we aim to restructure our means of production by integrating and developing connected and intelligent solutions: automated storers, 3D printing, robotic production lines, live production data processing, industrial internet...  

This optimization of our manufacturing chain will allow us to meet our growth objectives while ensuring the quality of our products and the safety of our employees.  

The industrial performance of this building will also allow us to gain even more competitiveness, and to supply new markets for medical and industrial batteries.  

An environmentally friendly factory  

At VLAD we believe that the industry must nurture the ambition of a more virtuous production of the environment.  

Also, theExaFactory will not only be a low-consumption building (thermal airlock in the warehouse, insulation standards at the highest level, rainwater recovery...) but we also plan to produce more energy than our consumption thanks to 1000m2 of solar panels.  

Check out the latest images below: