Wholesalers, resellers, installers: 1500 references in stock delivered in 3 to 5 days


Recognized provider to enterprises, Governments and hospitals for more than 25 years, VLAD has selected the biggest brands of batteries, accumulators, batteries and Chargers for their reliability, their reliability and their regularity in the quality.

SAFT, PANASONIC, YUASA, EXIDE, VARTA, MASCOT... to mention just the main, we have given their trust to distribute their products.

This rigorous selection and professionalism of our consultants ensure the provision of quality products corresponding to your applications, and on which you can count in any circumstance.

We are specialized in public/private markets for the distribution of rechargeable batteries with fixed price at the year and programmed management of multi-site delivery rates.

Partner of SMEs, ETI, key accounts, hospitals and government purchasing services We cover all the needs of the services with the permanent objective of satisfaction client.



An optimized logistics organization based near Tours (37) in the Centre region allows us to respond to all the constraints of the profession of the distribution.

Our permanent than stock 2500 references and our order processing process allows us to treat these last until 5: 00 p.m., for a start the same evening.

Our logistics partners TNT and Schenker-jewel deliver under 24 / 48 h, of the simple package to the palette, everywhere in France.

Transportation TNT, for express delivery up to 30kg and Shenker-Joyau, for delivery on a pallet.