The company


Since 1985, VLAD has continued to evolve to become today the key reference in the industrial and medical sector, able to offer you a comprehensive solution Autonomous energy.


1985 Mr and Mrs François set up the company (Val de Loire Automatismes Distribution) in Saint Cyr s/ Loire (37) for make electronic circuits and import YUASA batteries. Gradually, the small business is growing beyond the trading activity, to develop that of theassembling battery packs.

1990 The company is moving to Tours (37) in premises of 250m2. It develops its manufacturing lines and meets the demand of medical device users. Mr and Mrs François note that producing medical batteries is both innovative and more practical.

2000 Date of the first certifications ISO 9001 And ISO 13485 to meet the requirements of the medical, biomedical and large accounts.

2003 The company was bought by Mr Mégly. The name VLAD then becomes Val de Loire Accumulators Distribution. A business development strategy focused on quality and customer satisfaction is set up.
Three years later, VLAD moved to Parçay-Meslay (37) in a new 850m2 building to support the organic development of its activities.

2006 VLAD moves to Parçay-Meslay (37) in a new 850m2 building to support the organic development of its business

2012 Sensitive to the impact of products on theEnvironment and to affirm his sustainable development approach. VLAD is certified ISO 14001.

2014 Preparing for his retirement, Mr. Mégly joined Jean-Louis Jarry and Vincent Piton in 2013 with the aim of selling the latter to them. This sale will be effective in 2016.
A new strategic evolution is steering VLAD towards export activities in Europe and then in the rest of the world.
At the same time, new premises of 2,500m2 are being built in Parçay-Meslay (37).
They can accommodate growing VLAD: increased headcount, additional storage space and 2 manufacturing lines.

2015 The company gets the BPI Excellence label, which rewards companies with the most promising growth potential. From then on, VLAD was part of the Bpifrance Accelerator program.

2016 Mr. Mégly forwards the company to two managers, Jean-Louis Jarry and Vincent Piton, accompanied by the investment fund UI Management and Bpifrance.Chiffre d'affaires et effectifs

2017 The company integrates the program BPI France SME Accelerator, which offers 24-month personalized support to 60 of the most dynamic SMEs in France.

At the end of 2017, VLAD "Citizen Enterprise" winner of the Top Business Indre-et-Loire Department (37). This event, organized by the New Republic group, highlights many players in the regional economy. Each year, the goal is to classify, to highlight, to honour what the territory has revealed to be the best, most innovative and most promising.
This distinction underlines human-environmental commitment that is at the heart of society's N.D.A. for many years.

2018 The year was marked by two major social advances for all employees, namely:

  • The ratification of an Incentive Agreement to fairly reward all employees for their performance. With immediate implementation on the results of the current fiscal year,
  • The creation of the "ManCo" VLADEO, allowing employees who wish to invest in the company's capital as early as 2019. Opportunity for the change of investment funds of UI Management by Capital Growth.

For all of these devices, VLAD has been awarded the Participatory Enterprise Label February 2019.

2019 The turning point for VLAD in its transformation into industrial 4.0. Many investments are made in logistics equipment, workshop and design office (transtockor, robotic park, 3D printer, test bench, etc.).


In more than 30 years, the company has become Leading in France in the supply of biomedical batteries and batteries and provides all health facilities and associated providers. Its know-how has expanded to export with strong growth and 75 countries addressed in 2020. On the other hand, the activity Industry, Large Accounts and Administrations is also experiencing strong development.


Thanks to the quality of its structure and its technical know-how, the company is investing to become a major player in custom design in the first stage of batteries and the assembly of Lithium-Ion batteries for the industry.