Refurbishing of used batteries

An alternative to the purchase of the new

Your battery does not keep charge, its use is becoming increasingly short ; here is an alternative to the purchase of a new battery: refurbish it !
It's an economic and ecological solution. Repackaging can save you up to 40% depending on your model compared to the purchase of a new battery pack.

Your battery is obsolete. Just send it to us.

After expertise, we will send you a price offer. Upon receipt of your agreement, the battery will be rebuilt and will be returned to you within 48 h. To facilitate the process, contact us by phone or form for us to transmit:

  • The brand of the battery
  • The voltage
  • The capacity
  • The reference of the battery

 Repackaging in 4 steps

 In VLAD repackaging takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Opening the battery to remove the block of accumulators.
  2. Assembly accumulators to restore a same Pack with new batteries of the same technology.
  3. Closing the housing by screwing or gluing after replacing new batteries.
  4. Recycling used items.
Separation of elements
for recycling
Manufacturing and Assembly
the new Pack
Return of your battery
ready to use.