[TOP of ENTREPRISES 2020] VLAD awarded outstanding initiatives 2020 for Indre-et-Loire (37)

[TOP of ENTREPRISES 2020] VLAD awarded outstanding initiatives 2020 for Indre-et-Loire (37)

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Parçay-Meslay: Vlad, creator of autonomous energy

Vlad has tripled its production of respirator batteries to support the national effort to combat Covid-19. The culmination of thirty years of experience.

We make Vuitton bags," says Jean-Louis Jarry to illustrate both the excellence and the "French" know-how of its employees. The expertise and quality of their medical and industrial batteries are recognized worldwide, with more than 75 countries delivered in 2020. Vlad is the only market player in France with triple ISO certification for all its activities: 13,485, 14.001 and 9.001.

Created in 1985, The Parçay-Meslay-based company specializes in the design and manufacture of autonomous energy medical batteries and batteries, used by nearly 1,500 hospitals and clinics for various equipment: defibrillators, respirators, scialytics, surgical motors, monitors, lead batteries, armchairs, sick lifts, but also emergency lighting blocks of technical services, hotel services and security services (alarm , flashlights, batteries, etc.). An equipment for incubators has been developed Mediprema, installed in Tauxigny. «
Health is a resilient market. There will always be sick people. They are our priority," insists Jean-Louis Jarry.

The health crisis has given a boost to the production of batteries for respirators. As soon as the containment was declared, Vlad took a strategic turn to transform its business into industry 4.0. Three assembly, bonding and welding robots equip the workshops to meet the demand of the state. It is now part of the French industrial consortium along with a hundred other companies such as L'Air Liquid, Schneider, Peugeot... And the Parçay-Meslay plant produced 10,000 units in just fifty days, including some models it did not manufacture until then.
Among employees who see their ranks grow at the end of the year with a dozen hires, the anxiety of the post-16 March was quickly driven away to make way for group cohesion. It was necessary to "mobilize to save lives." In 2020, Vlad sees production growth
10% with 150,000 batteries on the clock. "The situation makes me say that we must still remain humble and not boast of such a result, when so many companies are still plunged into the doubt of the next day," says Jean-Louis Jarry. What matters for tomorrow, for 2021, is the agility to respond to situations... ».

The tourangeau leader is currently working on the creation of a medical device manufacturing line in the region Centre Val de Loire, in partnership with the economic development agency Dev'Up and Emmanuel Hallauer, the director of research and development at Axessvision, a manufacturer of single-use endoscopes. "The idea is to identify all the actors and subcontractors but also to attract talent. Or how to transform our know-how and get married, to shine. »

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