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Divers Batteries for batteries, controllers, Cables, chargers and supplies, Circuits printed, connectors, miscellaneous manufacturing, various operation, various industry, various medical, beams, Multimedia, computers, small components, batteries, Scanners barcode, cars / trucks, delivered in 3-5 days for any product in stock.

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Ref. 22120001

Type: Accumulator
Technology: Li - Ion
Voltage: 3
Capacitance: 1
Weight (kg): 0.013
Length (mm): 33.5
Diameter (mm): 17.0
Reference origin: CR123R

Ref. 15120001

Type: Battery
Technology: Saline
Voltage: 3
Capacitance: 0.95
Weight (kg): 0.045
Diameter (mm): 21.8
Height (mm): 74.6
Reference origin: 2R10

Ref. 99120016

Type: Charger and power supply
Reference origin: WS010A

Ref. 88888875

Type: Charger and power supply
Technology: Lead
Weight (kg): 3.640
Reference origin: CHARGEURV18
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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