S2E2 Conference on energy storage

S2E2 Conference on energy storage

Come and meet us on the occasion of the 3th Edition of the "Innovations in the West" on the theme of energy storage

November 16 in Nantes, from 9: 00 to 13:30, the S2E2 cluster organizes the 3th Edition of the "Innovations in the West" on the theme of the energy storage, in the premises of the ORC (Center of Western Conference) of the Tour of Britain.


In this context, VLAD is associated to this event to present its ecological and economical solution for urban lighting: VLAD Lighting Concept. The floor lamp has 2 sources of energy: the duo solar panel / battery and AC power. Integrated electronic controls switching between the two energy sources. The solar panel recharges the battery during the day. Started up the lights, the battery only supplies electricity. If the battery is empty then the lamp switches on the sector, thus ensuring continuity of service. This principle of hybridization can be adapted to other applications.

This new edition of the 'Innovations in the West"will be an opportunity for all the participants, to meet with leading companies in their market and to discover the latest technological innovations in energy storage for stationary applications or shipped from the low to the high power.

Indeed, energy storage is positioned in the heart of the priorities of the national energy policy and is a major issue for the economic development of the region of the Loire Valley, in flowing through a large number of business sectors.

In this context, 8 member companies of the S2E2 cluster will expose and present during 15-minute pitches, their technological innovations to an audience of professional specialists of the storage or user of storage solutions in their applications.

This appointment, sources of trade and business opportunities, will be an opportunity for stakeholders to benefit from a unique view on this topic and to show all the participants their innovative potential.

Join us as we participate in this appointment under the sign of innovation