VLAD winner of the France Relance plan

VLAD winner of the France Relance plan


The 100% French medical and industrial battery manufacturing plant, based on the outskirts of Tours (Parçay-Meslay, 37), played an important role during the health crisis by manufacturing batteries for many medical devices including intensive care respirators. This success, among many projects carried out, now makes it possible to accelerate its development, with the support of the State.

This Tuesday, October 26, 2021, VLAD joins the winners of the France Recovery Plan. The SME of 75 employees will benefit from a subsidy of more than 1 million euros for its investment program of 5.7M € in 3 years.

The France Recovery Plan for the "post" Covid-19

On 3 September 2020, the Government presented the France Relance plan. Worth €100 billion, it aims to sustainably recover the French economy and create new jobs.

France Relance revolves around three priorities for the (re)location or strengthening of production units, in strategic value chains & chains (Health – Electronics – Agri-Food):
-    ecology (€30 billion), to support the transition to a greener and more sustainable economy,
-    competitiveness (€34 billion), to give companies the most favourable conditions to develop their activities and thus preserve the employment of employees,
-    social and territorial cohesion (€36 billion), to guarantee solidarity between generations, between territories, and between all French people.

VLAD's project for a "green" industry of the future

Since its creation in 1985, VLAD's activity has focused on the health sector in France and abroad. Distributor of the largest brands of medical batteries & batteries, VLAD is above all a designer and manufacturer of battery packs.

This know-how is also certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 13485 (quality of medical devices).

VLAD, an industrial 4.0...

VLAD has already invested more than 600,000 euros over 3 years on its production equipment to transform its manufacture into Industry 4.0 through digital and robotics which accelerate the production rate and improve the comfort and safety of employees.

... who is committed to clean and responsible production

In 2021, VLAD became the first French manufacturer to obtain the THQSE label® (Very High Quality Social and Environmental Health) at the highest level of excellence, gold.

As a member of the Excellence community of Bpifrance, the French Fab and the Coq Vert community, VLAD is committed to promoting the CSR approach to its Territory, promoting the exchange of good practices and accelerating the environmental and energy transition.

"The environmental issue goes beyond the industry. It is better to entrust this subject to entrepreneurs to bring about a new positive economy. VLAD has always integrated CSR actions into everyday life. Now we want to go further to anticipate the tightening of regulations, but also the expectations of employees or consumers in terms of quality, traceability, safety and respect for people & the environment. » says Vincent PITON, CEO of VLAD         

An ambitious program already initiated

In its draft application, VLAD presented its investments planned until 2024 to strengthen its competitiveness while respecting Man, the environment & its territory:
The creation of 20 new jobs including:

  • 6 positions in R&D over 3 years in eco-design, retro engineering, tests & approvals
  • 8 production operator positions

✅ Construction of a new low-emission building to support the growth of the company;
An additional robotic line;
✅ A new line of serial 3D printinge for the plastic boxes of the battery packs;
The creation of a transport approval laboratory.

"We already had this program in mind. Thanks to the France Relance plan, we will amplify and accelerate our actions.
Beyond the substantial amount of this subsidy, it is also a great recognition of the French state & local institutions on what we do. This encourages us to go even further! " adds Jean-Louis JARRY, President of VLAD.