Do not confuse pairing and balance

Do not confuse pairing and balance

In gastronomy, content to enjoy you will unveil his generosity if the container is at the height. For batteries, it is the same!

A battery will give you satisfaction if you make sure to associate items matched and balanced.
A good pairing is achieved by building on the side of the battery manufacturer. This means that cells will have the same values in terms of capacity (Ah), self-discharge (% / month) and impedance (mΩ). Therefore, must be involved from the same batch of manufacturing cells.

A good balance is obtained by filling the same amount of energy in the elements. Be sure to store cells from the same batch in similar conditions of storage because self-discharge it will impact the level of residual energy.

It's easy to make the analogy between the Centilitres (cl) and the ampere-hours (Ah) for you explain these two concepts. To simplify, you can assimilate the pairing to the containing and balancing in content.

In concrete terms, what are the immediate effects of a bad pairing and balance?

A bad pairing will reduce the battery capacity. The element with the lowest capacity will give the tempo.
In the case of a Li Ion battery, a bad balancing will involve a premature stop of the load and reduce the apparent ability. There are circuits to balance the blocks of cells in series less than 20 mV. There are several types of balancing circuits: passive or active.

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