Major accounts

Our power of purchase together with the ability to quickly deliver many points of delivery are our main assets to address major national and international accounts.


Local communities, educational or cultural institutions have numerous batteries needs to ensure public service: 

Building and public works

Construction companies are using our services to change their batteries of portable tools present in numbers on construction sites. Our ability to recondition batteries allows them to make substantial savings while enjoying a perfect compatibility and equivalent or even superior performance to a new battery from the manufacturer.


The telecom sector uses batteries for installations in cabinets or protection, as well as inverters for the phones themselves.


The actors of the rail and road transport need many batteries for traction, signalling, communication equipment... VLAD has the ability to meet their needs as well for batteries of the latest generation lithium-ion for the reissue of old batteries more listed in the catalogue of manufacturers.


Banks, insurance and other actors in trade and services rely on VLAD for very diverse needs : batteries of automatic doors store,batteries for payment terminals (TPE), the security lighting blocks batteries,defibrillator batteriesalarm batteries or detection equipment batteries...