Battery 18V 4 Ah Li-ion compatible DEWALT % 28DCB182% 29 View larger

Battery 18V 4 Ah Li-ion compatible DEWALT % 28DCB182% 29

Type Battery
Technology Li - Ion
Model Compatible
Voltage 18
Capacitance 4
Weight (kg) 0.650
Length (mm) 115.4
Width (mm) 76.3
Height (mm) 65.3
Reference origin DCB182
Manufacturer of the deviceDewalt
Suitable forDEWALT<br>CL3.C18S DCD740 DCD740B DCD771 DCD776 DCD780 DCD780B DCD780C2 DCD780L2 DCD785 DCD785C2 DCD785L2 DCD790 DCD790D2 DCD795 DCD980L2 DCD980M2 DCD985 DCD985B DCD985L2 DCD985M2 DCD995 DCF620 DCF880 DCF880C1-JP DCF880HL2 DCF880HM2 DCF880L2 DCF880M2 DCF883B DCF883L2 DCF883M2 DCF885 DCF885B DCF885C2 DCF885L2 DCF885M2 DCF886 DCF886D2 DCF886M2 DCF889 DCF889HL2 DCF889HM2 DCF889L2 DCF889M2 DCF895 DCF895B DCF895C2 DCF895D2 DCF895L2 DCF895M2 DCF899 DCG412 DCG412B DCG412L2 DCG412M2 DCH213 DCH253 DCH273 DCL040 DCN690 DCR006 DCS331 DCS331B DCS331L1 DCS331L2 DCS331M1 DCS331N DCS355 DCS373M2 DCS380 DCS380B DCS380L1 DCS380M1 DCS381 DCS391 DCS391B DCS391L1 DCS391M1 DCS393 XR Li-Ion 18V<br>DEWALT<br>DCB180 DCB181 DCB181-XJ DCB182 DCB183 DCB185 DCB200 DCB201 DCB201-2 DCB203 DCB204
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