Founded in 1985, VLAD is a French SME of human size which has developed its expertise in autonomous energy to become the reference in France of the batteries for the medical world.

Long-time partner of the best manufacturers of rechargeable batteries like SAFT, YUASA, PANASONIC or VARTA, we design, select and assemble in France of the battery packs of high-quality applications as diverse as medical devices, tools, measuring instruments, autonomous lighting, telecommunications, mobility...

Our continuous development is driven by strong values: customer satisfaction, sustainable development and continuous improvement of quality are validated by 3 ISO certifications.


You want to place on the market a new product in need of a self-contained source of electricity, VLAD you accompanies in your project and will guide you to the best choice.

Our design office will offer technology and design best meets your need taking into account your constraints. We take the different stages of development to the valid product serial execution, product that can be simple or more elaborate by incorporating electronics, plastics, etc... In all cases, we can create your model with congestion, power and capacity desired, under heat-shrink sleeve or box to measure.


Our company designs and stair lifts, cranes, pallet trucks and stackers to the world of the industry since 1973. We appealed to experts from VLAD to accompany us in the replacement of lead batteries by a battery technology better suited to our range of trolleys pushers, and NiMh batteries developed by VLAD now fully respond to our needs for overall dimensions, weight and energy efficiency.

Mr. Lecourt, IMS, Bonneval (28)

Our problem was to install advertising signs in the form of totems, there where there was no power. To avoid costs and important work, we needed to integrate into our totems a self-contained source of electricity. VLAD proposed us a battery recharged by solar panel system. They have set for the battery and solar panel, technology, power and electronics management. Equipment work for 3 years and fully meet our expectations.

Mr. Picard, MEDIA PLUS, Gond-Pontouvre (16)


Personalised support

SMEs in human size, we offer you reactivity and availability to design your batteries tailored according to your specifications.

Design and Assembly in France

All our products are designed and assembled in our plant in Parcay Meslay (37), allowing us to control quality and deadlines.

A selection of the best batteries

Long-standing partner of the best manufacturers of batteries world (SAFT, PANASONIC, YUASA, VARTA)..., we have a permanent stock of the best cells that we select based on your needs.

A sustainable and responsible approach

The recycling of waste batteries, the respect for the environment, the control of energy consumption are at the heart of our environmental approach since 1985.

A triple ISO certification

ISO 9001: quality
ISO 14001: environment
ISO 13485: Assembling batteries for medical uses.